Wednesday, May 7, 2014



You Require a Editor like Notepad/Notepad++,(IDE like NetBeans can also be used),Browser to test your web page.

But I personally Suggest using Adobe Dreamweaver(Adobe).which can easily be downloaded from Adobe Website

It Provides Editor(code view) + Visual view at the same time.You can see your pages at the flow.and it has browser launch facility in the menu bar to test your web page in Browser.

It Manages Your Web Page ,Image ,Documents in an organized way  to be used efficiently

It has Code Completion Facility And it can highlight the errors.

If You are not comfortable with coding.You can alter your web page visually and even customize any template to make a great web page.

If You are comfortable with basics and want to make professional web page.
then you require Adobe Photoshop(for Graphics design),

Xampp/Wampp Server to make your computer as web server to test your php has inbuilt facility of phpmyadmin,mysql database etc.