Thursday, May 8, 2014



Describes Start and End of Your Web Page.

<Head>  </Head>
This tag is optional and basically used to provide information to web browsers.

<Title>    </Title>
Your Web page title as displayed in browser
<Body> </Body>
 Your Entire Web Content goes inside this tag.It is Basically used for Displaying Content on Your Web page.

To go to next line

<b>   </b>
The Content inside this tag becomes bold
eg:-<b>This is bold text</b>This is normal text

Anchor Tag(Link Tag)
<a href="Website to direct(eg:" Text To apper </a>

eg:-<a href=""Blog Redirection</a>

iif you want to add an image to redirect to some page You can replace text to appear with 

<img src="your image link" </img>

<a href ="" img src=""</img> </a>