Thursday, May 8, 2014



Describes Start and End of Your Web Page.

<Head>  </Head>
This tag is optional and basically used to provide information to web browsers.

<Title>    </Title>
Your Web page title as displayed in browser
<Body> </Body>
 Your Entire Web Content goes inside this tag.It is Basically used for Displaying Content on Your Web page.

To go to next line

<b>   </b>
The Content inside this tag becomes bold
eg:-<b>This is bold text</b>This is normal text

Anchor Tag(Link Tag)
<a href="Website to direct(eg:" Text To apper </a>

eg:-<a href=""Blog Redirection</a>

iif you want to add an image to redirect to some page You can replace text to appear with 

<img src="your image link" </img>

<a href ="" img src=""</img> </a>


Wednesday, May 7, 2014



You Require a Editor like Notepad/Notepad++,(IDE like NetBeans can also be used),Browser to test your web page.

But I personally Suggest using Adobe Dreamweaver(Adobe).which can easily be downloaded from Adobe Website

It Provides Editor(code view) + Visual view at the same time.You can see your pages at the flow.and it has browser launch facility in the menu bar to test your web page in Browser.

It Manages Your Web Page ,Image ,Documents in an organized way  to be used efficiently

It has Code Completion Facility And it can highlight the errors.

If You are not comfortable with coding.You can alter your web page visually and even customize any template to make a great web page.

If You are comfortable with basics and want to make professional web page.
then you require Adobe Photoshop(for Graphics design),

Xampp/Wampp Server to make your computer as web server to test your php has inbuilt facility of phpmyadmin,mysql database etc. 




Every Web page is basically a HTML page with various other technologies embedded in it to make it more dynamic.and attracting.


HTML is a case-insensitive language so you can use both upper and lower case   letters.

Every HTML page starts with a <HTML> tag and end with </HTML> tag

<HEAD>[head tag is optional provides details to the browser]

<TITLE>title of your web page displayed by your browser </TITLE>


The Content to be displayed in your web page 


</HTML> [End of Your Html Document]


.html/.htm - Extension for basic html document.
.xhtml       -  Html + Xml
.dhtml       -  Dynamic Html

Depending upon other Language used inside your basic html document Extensions can changed like(,.js etc)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Website basics



website is a collection of webpages interconnected to each other which appears as a single unit.


Any document on internet which is used to display or present information written with some predefined tags is known as webpages.A collection of webpages is known as website.


Html(HyperText Markup Language) is used to design the webpages or ultimately to design a website with the help of predefined tags.Various other technologies are embedded in html to make the webpage or website dynamic.

       Asp( etc.

It is called as Markup as it highlights or displays the content with special qualities.
Ex:-<b>This text goes bold </b>


Web-hosting is a service in which all the details,documents etc of a website is kept at same place called web hosting space.It manages website data efficiently.


Domain Name

Domain name are easily readable or meaningful name used to represent any website.It is globally unique.The Resolver translated domain name to website hosts IP locate the website or webpage on internet. in which is is called domain name of google is generic domain name like .net,.org etc.No other website can have as its domain name